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When Your Job Becomes a TV Show

Watching a screen can be a good experience, think how much time you spend in front of the TV. What would your next Zoom hour look like if it was a TV show? I have learned this year that using TV skills to plan on-screen interactions makes them more productive, more engaging and less exhausting […]

Free lockdown course: Unlock the Power of Story

My son and I filming a new You Tube course

You would think because I have worked in TV for almost 30 years, that creating my own set of films would be a doddle. It wasn’t, it was extremely challenging and I apologise now to every presenter I have ever worked with; Monty Don, Carol Smillie, Lorraine Kelly, Raymond Blanc, Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen etc I am […]

Unlocking creativity in Las Vegas

I never expected my job to take me to Las Vegas. I thought Vegas was just a party place, but it turns out, some serious business gets done there too. In the first week of January the city hosted the one of the largest trade fairs in the world, ‘CES’ (Consumer Electronics Show), and was […]

Why simplicity is an essential marketing tool

“I did very badly at that exercise”, confessed one marketing executive to me during a workshop this week, “I used so much jargon that I was thrown out of the cocktail party”. He was one of fifteen members of Forrester’s Technology Marketing Council, and they were all at an imaginary cocktail party answering the question, […]

Presentation skills: The power of the start

I am currently working with Molson Coors on a really successful programme to support innovation and personal development within their business. As part of this programme groups are presenting ideas to senior leadership, and I am supporting them with training to do that really effectively. Leading up to their Skype session with me, the groups […]

EDF Energy – the power of the start in storytelling

Last week I worked with a set of attendees who were really fizzing with energy – yes they worked for an energy provider but these guys were pretty good at generating it too. EDF Energy is the UK’s largest supplier of low carbon electricity and they wanted to know more about how to inject storytelling […]