My Story

I am a television producer and story coach.
My key focus since the day I was born was how I could get the attention of the audience and keep it.

In terms of impact, my greatest success has got to be the ground-breaking ‘Changing Rooms’, which I co-created for BBC One in 1996. When the show played on a Wednesday night, 50% of the viewing population in the UK were watching it: 11 million people. It launched thousands of interior design formats all over the world and democratised interior design for the British public forever. So what next…

I was invited to the BBC Academy to teach script writing and, while I was there, I discovered I had been using story principles all along to create my hit shows. It was an epiphany moment for me to be able to articulate what I instinctively knew about the power of storytelling, and to discover that these principles could be used by everyone to make all communication more meaningful and effective.

I set up The Storycoach in 2011. I absolutely love bringing the transformational skills of storytelling into the lives of the people I work with. I have a storytelling brain, a deep sensitivity to the stories people want/need to tell and the skills to help people find their story. I love to see that thread emerging from the ‘noise’ of all the detail someone is buried in. My clients are as diverse as the stories they have to tell, the common factor is that every one of them has something important to say.

Ann Booth-Clibborn
Founder - The Storycoach

“It only takes a few hours of practice to start changing the way you order ideas. Ann’s input is smart and is contributed in exactly the right way”

Karine Marko
Group Foreign Rights Director at The Quarto Group

“I would highly recommend Ann, she immediately got under the skin of what we were trying to achieve and offered the clarity to get us there. ”

Julie Humphries
Head of Communications, Origin Housing