Story Consultancy

Together we can take your audience on an engaging effortless journey that delivers your objective.

Use a storytelling mind-set to bring a new perspective and radical solution to any project or cultural challenge where human engagement is a vital component for success.

Take an exciting adventure with us to build new storytelling ideas, use new platforms and new methods, and create compelling audience journeys using Ann’s 30 years of experience in all things associated with engaging and inspiring human beings

You may feel your challenge doesn’t appear at first look, to be a storytelling challenge; but ask yourself this; do I need to engage my audience, do I need them to think and feel differently, do I need them to act? Storytelling can give you the tools to achieve this and the creative fuel to do it in a way that will surprise and delight your audience.

Our solutions can work with the resources your business already has, however if required we can bring in other skilled storytelling partners such as animators, graphic designers, film-crew or composers.

Some examples of the fascinating projects we have worked with clients on.

Consulting on Design Fiction animations with Turn the Page studios for a global robotics research centre, to explore, test, and quantify domestic attitudes to robotic technology in people's everyday lives. The Centre has already adopted new technology development strategies based on the outcomes of this project. Learn More...

Planning a full company off-site day with Suntory Lucozade Ribena using story design to create appetite and engagement through comms, the environment, the content of the day, the merch and follow-up touch-point experiences for staff and other stakeholders.

Storytelling keynote speech and panel session for PWC Ireland annual conference. Setting the tone of storytelling for the day - we had every single person in the room telling a story to the person next to them and a panel where 4 staff members told a story of a memorable day in their department.

Exploring how to achieve better quality data by designing accessible and engaging UX research stimuli films, working with the UX team of a Global robotics research centre. This culminated in designing user stimuli films which more storytelling devices to improve the quality of engagement and understanding in the focus groups. The collaboration has led to the entire UX team now using their storytelling knowledge to inform all parts of their research projects.

Lectures on Brand Storytelling for Elle Education Online University for their Diploma in Marketing and Communications for Fashion Brands and Luxury. Elle Education ‘repurchased’ the lectures for three years to use as their core-storytelling module. We also provided live-stream workshops to the cohorts on brand storytelling.

Design/deliver a one week course for Heads of Department at University Arts London to develop and pitch a Television programme based on their specialist subject. Part of UAL’s focus on refocusing their specialist knowledge bank to nurture main-stream culture. It culminated in the best proposals being pitched to Sky Arts and BBC Arts

Design Fiction with

Turn the Page created over 20 Design Fiction animation films for a global robotics research centre to explore, test, and quantify domestic attitudes to robotic technology in people's everyday lives.

The Centre has already adopted new technology development strategies based on the outcomes of this project.

Design Fiction solves the innovation hurdle of testing people’s attitude to future technology because the power of story helps them to imagine their own lives, homes, and work in a future context.

The Storycoach was the story consultant for the creation and execution of these animations with Turn the Page. Our challenge was to create stories that feel familiar and relevant to the user, but are set in a future world where relevant tasks and their pain-points are now addressed using imagined robotic technology. The process: -

The Research Phase

Extensive research into the current lives of the ‘user’.

The Workshops

Together with Turn the Page, I run story workshops with the cross-functional Robotics UX team, to explore key themes found in their research, and create characters and storylines rooted in the data.


Turn the Page conceives and visualises potential robotic technologies, and a future world of locations and characters which will still resonate as familiar to the focus groups.

The Animation

I consult with the Turn the Page animation team through the production process to keep the requirements of the story in focus, while the many other considerations of the production are addressed. I write and direct the voice records on the occasion that we are using voice-over and actors.

The Evaluation

The animations are then used by the client’s UX team to extrapolate findings through focus groups, 1:1 interviews and online surveys.

For more information on how we could help you evaluate your user attitudes and turn your data into Design Fiction email Will Knight at Turn The Page Studio. (