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Why simplicity is an essential marketing tool

“I did very badly at that exercise”, confessed one marketing executive to me during a workshop this week, “I used so much jargon that I was thrown out of the cocktail party”. He was one of fifteen members of Forrester’s Technology Marketing Council, and they were all at an imaginary cocktail party answering the question, […]

The power of story telling for your communication

How can we make our pitches, presentations and every other communication more successful? Unlocking your instinctive story telling skills is the answer. Watch this short film to find out more.      

EDF Energy – the power of the start in storytelling

Last week I worked with a set of attendees who were really fizzing with energy – yes they worked for an energy provider but these guys were pretty good at generating it too. EDF Energy is the UK’s largest supplier of low carbon electricity and they wanted to know more about how to inject storytelling […]

An away day to tell a tasty story

This session was held in an impossibly picturesque village hall in Oxfordshire with lunch in the next door to a pub, supplied by a local small holder: absolutely perfect for a specialist food and travel PR agency. Sauce Communications have grown from 2 to 25 employees in the last 15 years and founders and directors, […]

Spring cleaning the monthly report

The monthly report is very often the neglected Cinderella of business storytelling: time-consuming and dull for its author, and skim read (if at all) by its audience. I am always secretly thrilled when someone on a training course picks this as their ‘live project’ because I know they are going to leave the room with […]

Don’t deliver data – tell stories.

What do pharmaceutical chemists, and customer and market insight teams have in common? They both have to turn research, data and recommendations into something that grabs the attention and inspires a response from senior management. It is a challenge. There’s no doubt being hot on your story principles really helps with this one and recently […]

Are you missing your most powerful stories?

I think the most compelling shape of story has to be ‘success against the odds’. I’m not alone. If you think about it, it’s a classic story arc for documentary makers, it’s the driver of every game/quiz/talent show, and it describes 80% of movie scripts. So what does that mean for the way you communicate […]

Take your team to the future using a story

“Once upon a time there were two candle-makers in the town…” This may seem like a unlikely start to an internal strategy presentation but believe me it’s a gem (see below if you are already hooked). Stories can mess with your mind. Stories are the trojan horse of language. Parables, myths, legends – the brightest […]