We work together to engage, persuade and inspire your audience using a methodology rooted in the most successful form of communication in the world – the story. Story coaching gives you the tools to see your story clearly and tailor it to impact your key audiences.

The Big
Story Build

The Big Story Build

Explore the challenge and build your communication solution with me. Clients have used this to create their funding pitch deck, design a booklet to start customer conversations, write a recruiter script to target specialist hires, define their company values, and embed their company values.

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for Impact

Storytelling for Impact

Train with me as a team, or individually, to unlock your powerful storytelling skills.

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Solutions for Complex Challenges

Story Solutions for Complex Challenges

Using this 3 step process plus my expert storytelling brain I can work with you to interrogate and create all sorts of experiences where you wish to influence or explore the response of an audience.

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