My son and I filming a new You Tube course

You would think because I have worked in TV for almost 30 years, that creating my own set of films would be a doddle. It wasn’t, it was extremely challenging and I apologise now to every presenter I have ever worked with; Monty Don, Carol Smillie, Lorraine Kelly, Raymond Blanc, Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen etc I am SORRY I made you do a piece to camera so many times!

As it became increasingly clear that we were going to be locked down at home for some time, it became equally increasingly clear to me that I could no longer avoid doing what I had been talking about for many years; filming an online version of my training. Reader, there is a reason why we avoid some things, it’s because they take more resources, know-how, emotional energy and determination than we generally have spare during any week of the year. I won’t take you though all the ups and downs but at times it felt it was an impossibility.

I was very lucky to be locked down with my son William, a physics undergraduate with the right qualities to work out how cameras, laptops, microphones etc all worked and connected. I also could commission my brother John, who is a film-maker, to turn raw footage into branded and elegant films. I did enjoy the delivering the actual learning and I am really excited to think this training is available now to anyone who wants to take the time to view the course.

Training in storytelling was game-changer for me even though I had already been making TV programmes for 20 years, including the mighty Changing Rooms for BBC ONE. It gives you the power to analyse why something works or doesn’t work and a map to craft stories and communications where you out of your comfort-zone. In short it gives you control over how you engage your audience.

I really hope you enjoy this 9 part course and that you use it to unlock your power of story.