Three Steps to Your Impactful Story

Harness your own instinctive storytelling skills with my easy-to-remember approach to communication planning

You are already an instinctive storyteller. When you tell a friend the story about an outrageous Friday night, or an annoying journey home, you make a number of nano-second assessments and choices, based on who the audience is, what you want to achieve and what you know about building a story.

The three-step approach recreates those nano-second calculations so that you think like a storyteller every time you need to communicate with impact.

The Three-Step Approach

  1. Target your story – you have to think like your audience and truly define your purpose before anything else.
  2. Identify the 7 key story elements in your story. These elements will bring this story alive for your audience and help them understand why it is important. Audiences are so sensitive to the 7 elements that if you miss one out, they will make it up, so you need to make sure you get there first.
  3. Create an effortless fat-free journey for your audience using a story-tracker template. The template is designed to help you use the map of a story to structure your communication and capture only the vital detail or data.

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