The Big Story Build

Whatever your challenge, working with an expert story coach to build your story will open your eyes to just how impactful your communication can be.

A good story travels faster than light –
until you have a feather-light version of the story ready to pass on, you are not going to spread the word.

You need to build the right story whether your objective is:
achieving profitable growth
fund raising for your start-up
driving innovation
ensuring clarity of vision, strategy, and purpose
defining and embedding your company values
expressing your team’s value internally or externally
starting new conversations with your customers
having hard conversations
or company-wide buy in for… anything!

The Process

We agree on your desired output. I design you a package of efficient and productive group workshops (in person or online) combined with development time from me, and collaborative online ‘writing room’ meetings to refine the output. In the workshops:-

  • We get every potential component of your story ‘out of the box’ because you can often miss the most important corners of your story when you are close to it
  • We narrow the target by scoping out your purpose and learning to think like your audience
  • We identify the seven core story elements that your audience needs to hear, to enable them to engage, understand and remember what you are telling them
  • We use a system that allows us to craft what we have learned into an elegant, fat-free, compelling story that is beautifully designed to deliver your purpose for your target audience