Storytelling for Impact

Storytelling for Impact:


A transformational programme of blended learning and practise that will turbo-charge the confidence and productivity of your team

Unlock the instinctive storytelling skills of your team to build their ability to engage and influence in their role, and make storytelling a team language.

The training kicks off with an energetic and interactive full-day workshop which is followed by 121 online coaching and group learning. It has been proven to be high impact, being designed to embed storytelling as a team language. We have run these packages for many roles including Sales, Marketing, Insights, and Product leads, and for a whole range of sectors including Pharma, Education, Insurance, Retail, PR, Technology and Infrastructure. We recommend a maximum of 12 attendees in a cohort.

Outcomes: Attendees will: -

  • Grow in confidence in terms of their own ability to impact and influence an audience
  • Learn a three-step approach which will accelerate planning, tailor to a key audience and maximise the impact of their communication
  • Learn how to structure an effortless journey for their audience, to simplify, drop the detail and maximise impact
  • Collaborate more effectively using the shared language of storytelling

Client Story

Suntory Ltd Senior Sales Team

Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I (SBF GB&I) is the home of some of the UK’s most loved drinks brands including Lucozade Energy, Lucozade Sport, and Ribena. Ten of their senior sales team embarked on the ‘Storytelling for Leadership' training package in Spring 22. One of the team, Keith Allen had been tasked with establishing SBF GB&I as a thought leader in the area of Deposit Return Schemes - one of the biggest changes in the drinks industry in 50 years. We worked together on the structure of his presentation during his 121 coaching sessions.

Once Keith began to deliver this presentation he used storytelling tools to evolve it, in his words, “rather than present I started to tell stories to start conversations”. The success of this approach has contributed to Keith being invited to ‘tell the story’ by 12 key customers, the Scottish Environment Protection Assoc, retailers, trade associations and other drinks industry bodies. He has also delivered this presentation 36 times internally to different functions, tailoring accordingly. Keith has built up an extraordinary momentum and engagement with the industry and his work has seen SBF GB&I consistently take over a 30% share of voice of DRS commentary in external trade media since the Spring.

“I don't think we'd be here if it hadn’t been for you sharing your skills, and having a structure, helping us build on our strength….that rich story helped them (my customers and colleagues in the industry) imagine what this meant in their own world, and generated the need for industry-wide commitment to solve the challenge of DRS.”

Keith Allen
Commercial Sustainability Director, Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I

Storytelling for Impact:


Clear, compelling and authentic communication is a key component of every leader’s tool kit.

This package is designed for busy professionals who want to develop their storytelling skills while working with an expert story coach on a forthcoming project. Build skills, confidence and your own personal brand while ticking off a job on your ’to do’ list.


  • A blocked-out draft of a presentation or other communication you wish to plan
  • Understanding of the storytelling tools and how to use them
  • Insight into your personal brand – your ‘voice’
  • Ability to use the three-step approach which accelerates and greatly enhance the way you plan any communication
  • Ability to structure an effortless journey for your audience, to simplify, drop the detail and maximise impact

Client Story

Cecilia Emmanuel

Deputy Chief Compliance Officer and Director for Export Compliance for OneWeb

“OneWeb is a global business, building a constellation of satellites in low earth orbit in order to offer internet access to the 50% of the population still without reliable access. My expertise is the laws and regulations pertaining to Export /Import Control and other compliance obligations. I ensure that OneWeb is always on the right side of the law when exchanging, exporting, importing or developing technology, equipment and components around the world.

My role requires me to communicate potentially complex information to different audiences for a range of purposes.

The coaching was a combination of two in-person session while I was in the UK, followed by a number of on-line sessions.”

“ Working with Ann changed the way I communicate in that it stream-lined my storytelling and made me always consider where I want to ‘put my audience’ by the end of our conversation. It allowed me to see areas where I could improve my storytelling, and also see areas where my storytelling was getting lost and why that was.

I would say I now always consider the recipient of the story. Are they a willing listener? What are the unspoken questions they need addressing?

Before I worked with Ann, I tried to make my point by giving more information and more detail. I felt I had to prove my knowledge and my right to be in the room. I now know I have every right to be in the room, and my job is to distil the story into a digestible form that works for my audience.”

What are your top tips for storytelling?
Consider the recipient of the story
Where do you want to ‘take’ your audience? What is your purpose?

Cecilia Emmanuel
Deputy Chief Compliance Officer and Director for Export Compliance for OneWeb

Client Story

James Cox

Chief Financial Officer for Fresca Group Ltd

“The Fresca Group imports and grows fresh produce, salad, fruit, vegetables, and sells to the UK's large retailers. My role is a pretty broad one. I'm responsible for strategy, including mergers and acquisitions, I run the finance function, and I'm responsible for compliance and ethics.

There are various teams that report to me, including the IT and HR teams. I am required reasonably regularly to do formal presentations both internally to teams within our business and externally to stakeholders, be they board directors, banks, or some of the industry bodies that we sit on.“

“I booked the training package because I had known Ann for many years, she is a dear friend and the amazing thing about Ann is that she is a brilliant storyteller, and I wanted a bit of what she has.

I didn't think that communication was my one of my strengths, and I was in a very senior leadership role at that time that required a lot of presenting in front of big teams with expertise that I was very aware I didn't have. I wanted a way to develop my knowledge and skills of presenting such that I would be more engaging and more purposeful. We worked together on a project where I wanted to enhance the storytelling element; an important end-of-year presentation to the entire company,

I think critically what I gained was a foundation of confidence. It was a confidence built of an understanding around what good storytelling looks like and how I might be able, at some point, to become a good storyteller. What was really helpful was having a framework that I might draw upon to deliver better and more engaging, purposeful presentations. Day to day, I feel more confident in communicating now, telling a story and engaging with people. And I love Jeopardy and I introduce a bit of that now and again!

I think there was a nice cadence to the way the training was played out. We spent a number of sessions meeting in person, and then online, Ann was very good at helping me learn at the right pace, she used my own brand and how I might describe myself, as a vehicle to introduce concepts around storytelling and to build that understanding and confidence over time.

Because I already knew Ann, it felt slightly uncomfortable at first, perhaps because the process involved a degree of self-reflection, and I've already described myself not as a great communicator, so getting out my feelings and thoughts is sometimes challenging for me. But Ann is a brilliant enabler and she has a lovely, gentle style.

The 3 step process is a real help to me. I definitely still use it. I still don't feel a natural affinity to storytelling, so to have a template that helps me think about how I might communicate better, is really helpful.

The coaching helped me think differently, where it didn't come naturally to me, and I didn't understand the logic or the rationale. I guess as a pretty logical, scientific type person, it's useful for me to have a roadmap.“

What are your top tips for storytelling?
Understand the capacity of your audience, and what their context is.
Be clear when you are ending.
Frame your story.

James Cox
Chief Financial Officer for Fresca Group Ltd