More Storytelling Tips

Target Your Story

Try to spend time thinking like your audience when you plan. If you tell the story from your own ‘point of view’ it will sound like a broadcast.

Truly Define your Purpose

You think you know the purpose, but have you considered all potential opportunities of this interaction?

Make your First Line Work Hard for You

It should be a moment of transaction between you and your audience. You signal you are designing something just for them, and you put a question mark into their minds, then they are reading to swap their attention for your answer

Look to Create the Appetite to Know More In Your Audience

Do not try to tell them everything at once. The human brain is at its most absorbent when it wants to listen

Create a Journey that is Effortless for Your Audience to Follow by Using the Map of a Story to Structure your Communication

Imagine you are taking the audience on this journey step by step rather than throwing out a blanket of ‘information’.

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