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Story coaching will help you communicate in a more relevant, authentic and engaging way with your audience, whoever they are.

The honest truth is that people who work with me tend to become more effective in their roles, make more money within their department or business and become more confident communicators. That is how utterly valuable these skills are.

We all tell stories every day. It’s the oldest and most successful form of communication in the world – because it works. I’ll show you how to steal the principles of storytelling and use them to engage your audience and ensure they feel your core message rather than just hear it.

A story should be effortless to absorb and easy to pass on, but so often we kill it with unnecessary detail.

My sessions unlock your instinctive storytelling skills, giving you the tools to stand back from the detail and craft an engaging and concise story that gets to the heart of what you need to say, and that your audience will listen to and remember.

  • Seven story elements: A story is perfectly designed to engage an audience and it contains seven elements to ensure it does just that. Find these elements in your story to move the co-ordinates of your communication closer to your audience’s needs, and almost more importantly, to clarify in your own mind what you want to say.
  • Audience focusing exercises: When we tell a story we look our audience-of-one in the eye and make some instant calculations about how we put our story together. I will show you exercises to do the same when your audience is 8, 20 or 10,000 by learning to tap into their view of the world.
  • Story tracker template: Finally, a story flows beautifully in a fat-free easy-to-absorb journey for the audience, so I will show you a template to build your communication, based on a TV shooting script format, to make sure that your audience experiences that same flow.

Story coaching really does work for everyone.  It is a logical, structured process that can be used successfully whatever the sector and whoever the audience is.

If you have a communications challenge you don’t see mentioned on the site, do get in touch and we can talk about a session designed specifically for you.


“The biggest thing for me on your training day was the 7 points in the story. I use them all the time now regardless of what I am doing, whether it’s a whole project or an element of a project.”

Kerry Pinkerton : Change Manager at Interteck