Edit Doctor and Script Consultant

Strong and proven story telling skills and an obsession with commentary writing – I am the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ a factual or features show needs when the edit has lost its way.

I have been the go-to edit doctor for Discovery UK for the last 4 years, and in that time I have turned around several docs and natural history series for them with great success. I write detailed edit notes and a new commentary, (after discussions with the production team and commissioning editor), which is used by the editor and edit producer to create a new cut. It has proved to be a really efficient cost-effective rescue method. In every case, the shows have gone on to rate really well and in some cases have sold to other channels too.

As a series producer I developed award-winning features formats with millions of viewers and many format sales, for the BBC, C4 and C5, including Changing Rooms, You are What You Eat and The Dangerous Book for Boys.

As an exec I developed and launched Your Money or Your Wife for C4 and made To The Manor Bowen, which saw us make 8 hours of TV out of Laurence Llewellyn Bowen and his family moving to the country for UKTV (and rate really well). Click here for full CV.

How I work: My process is very cost effective as a lot of the work is done remotely. After an initial meeting/call with the production team (and usually some extra fact-finding), I take away a ‘to length’ cut and transcript. From this, I produce detailed edit notes which address structure, pace, rhythm and storytelling, along with a full rewrite of the commentary. The editor and producer use these to create a new cut for the channel to view, and following their notes I would usually do another pass to refine the commentary.

The Cost: I charge by the hour, and a one-hour show will usually take between 10 and 24 hours to get through two versions.

“Hi Ann
Just a short note to say thank you so much for your script, structural and overall editorial input into Superbrains (see new title below), which came at a critical point. Although the team had gathered some very strong material the edits weren’t doing it justice. Your re-writes and guidance really helped not just to put things back on track but to elevate the project as a whole. I also know that the production company EP found it extremely helpful too.
It was a pleasure working with you”.

Tom Gorham: Executive producer, Discovery

Game Changers: Inventing the World

“I had the pleasure of working with Ann on our Discovery series “Zoltan the Wolf Man”. Ann was very professional and detail-oriented. There is no doubt in my mind that she helped elevate the quality of our series.”

Todd Lituchy: Founder & CEO, New Media Vision


I also run a fantastically useful 80-minute training session ‘Story coaching for producers’ which equips producers with some useful tools for the edit and communicating to others in the edit. Click here for more information.