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When Your Job Becomes a TV Show

Watching a screen can be a good experience, think how much time you spend in front of the TV. What would your next Zoom hour look like if it was a TV show? I have learned this year that using TV skills to plan on-screen interactions makes them more productive, more engaging and less exhausting […]

Free lockdown course: Unlock the Power of Story

My son and I filming a new You Tube course

You would think because I have worked in TV for almost 30 years, that creating my own set of films would be a doddle. It wasn’t, it was extremely challenging and I apologise now to every presenter I have ever worked with; Monty Don, Carol Smillie, Lorraine Kelly, Raymond Blanc, Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen etc I am […]

Presentation skills: The power of the start

I am currently working with Molson Coors on a really successful programme to support innovation and personal development within their business. As part of this programme groups are presenting ideas to senior leadership, and I am supporting them with training to do that really effectively. Leading up to their Skype session with me, the groups […]