I am a television producer with a track record of developing and launching innovative hit shows for the BBC and Channel 4.

My formats entertain and educate at the same time, and include the groundbreaking Changing Rooms, the notorious You Are What You Eat and the long-running Selling Houses, all of which ran in primetime, were ratings hits and were eventually sold around the world – both as completed shows and as format rights.

For the last 6 years I have had another mission too: unlocking the natural storytelling skills in people so they can communicate what they are passionate about, and why.

My epiphany happened at the BBC Academy where I was involved in an experiment in which the HR team were given the storytelling training that we would usually give to TV producers. The impact the training had on their ability to communicate that day blew me away. I realised that many people were poor communicators because they had never been taught how to seduce/delight/engage the audience, whereas as TV producers we had been practising and perfecting this since our early 20’s.

My methodology is based on the BBC training but I have adapted and developed it over the last 6 years to meet various business challenges.

For me the world is a better place if we are all communicating authentically, but it also transpires that it puts rocket fuel into businesses’ ventures and organisations too. Good communication is good business. So here’s my plan; unlock the natural storytelling skills and techniques that everyone has, and train people to use them to engage their audiences and tell their own stories in a more compelling way. Then it is your choice; contribute to society becoming a more authentic and human place to live and work, or increase your profits – or ideally a bit of both.

I would love to help you tell your story so please get in touch

If you are looking for a bigger plan for your business where storytelling might play a part, I am lucky enough to be an associate with two excellent agencies with a much more comprehensive offering.

Black Isle Group help executives, senior talent and fee earners become more distinctive in their own natural style – so that they engage, inspire and influence. www.blackislegroup.com

Let’s Talk Talent is an HR Consultancy that helps organisations unlock the potential in their people www.letstt.co.uk